Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer


The Piper PA-22 Tri-Pacer was a fixed-wing single-engine derivative of a variant of the PA-20 Pacer. The Pacer family was the main output of Piper Aircraft Corporation during the 1950’s and by 1957 over 6000 Tri-Pacers had been delivered. By the end of its production run, just under 9500 Tri-Pacers were built. As with most light 4-seat aircraft of the time, the Tri-Pacer served as both a civilian training aircraft and for personal use. One peculiarity was the odd mounting of the nose wheel that lead to the nickname “Flying Milk Stool.” Many Tri-Pacers are still flying to this date.


Manufactured by the Piper Aircraft Corporation in 1953

Last owned by Marcellus F. Foose of Blue Island, Illinois

Crew: 1 (seats 4)
Wingspan: 29.3 ft.
Length: 20.6 ft.
Height: 8.3 ft.
Wing Area: 147.5 sq. ft.
Weight: Empty: 1,100 lb.; Max. 2,000 lb.
Speed: Cruise - 134 mph; Max - 141 @7,000 ft.
Service Ceiling: 16,500 ft.
Range: 258 mi.
Engine: Lycoming O-290-D2 (135 hp)
Range: 528 miles
Fuel: 36 gal.