Boeing B-52D Stratofortress

s/n 55-095

Forward Crew Compartment


The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, nicknamed the “BUFF,” is a long-range, subsonic, jet-powered, strategic bomber. Built to carry nuclear weapons, the B-52 replaced the Convair B-36. In active service with the United States Air Force since 1955, the B-52 initially served under the Strategic Air Command (SAC) and now Air Combat Command (ACC). Multiple B-52 variants, dropping conventional weapons, are veterans of many conflicts, including Vietnam and the Gulf War. Superior durability, adaptability, performance, and relatively low operating cost keep the B-52 in active service today. The United States Air Force plans to fly B-52s until the year 2040.



Manufactured by Boeing Aircraft, Seattle, WA.

1957, 1 March -- Delivered to the USAF

1957, March -- To 42nd Bombardment (Heavy) Wing (Strategic Air Command), Loring AFB, ME.

1959, October --  To 92nd Bombardment (H) Wing (SAC), Fairchild AFB, WA.

1960, July --To 4170th Strategic Wing (SAC), Larson AFB, WA (deployed to Fairchild AFB).

1962, July -- To 4138th Strategic Wing (SAC), Turner AFB, GA.

1963, February -- To 484th Bombardment (H) Wing (SAC), Turner AFB (deployed to McCoy AFB, FL).

1966, March -- To 340th Bombardment (H) Wing (SAC), Bergstrom AFB, TX.

1966, July -- To 306th Bombardment (H) Wing (SAC), McCoy AFB (deployed to Andersen AB, Guam, Kadena AB, Japan, Castle AFB, CA, and U Tapao RTAFB, Thailand).

1970, April -- To 22nd Bombardment (H) Wing (SAC), March AFB, CA (deployed to Andersen AB, Guam and U Tapao RTAFB, Thailand).

1972, June -- To 7th Bombardment (H) Wing (SAC), Carswell AFB, TX (deployed to Andersen AB, Guam and U Tapao RTAFB, Thailand).

1983, May -- To Chanute Technical Training Center (Air Training Command), Chanute AFB, IL (redesignated GB52D).

1990, June -- Dropped from inventory as surplus.



Average Cost:  $14 million each
Crew:  6
Wing Span:  185 ft.
Length:  156 ft. 6 in.
Height:  48 ft. 4 in.
Wing Area:  4,000 sq. ft.
Weight:  Empty - 195,000 lbs.; Max 450,000 lbs.
Speed:  Cruise - 518 mph; Max 540 mph
Service Ceiling:  45,000 ft.
Range:  9,595 mi.
Engines:  8 - Pratt & Whitney J-57P-19W turbojet with water injection (max. 12,100 lbs. thrust each)
Fuel:  47,900 gal.
Weapons: 4 - .50 cal. mahine guns in tail turret; up to 70,000 lbs. of bombs, missles and mines in various configurations.



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