Allison J33 Turbojet


The J33 turbojet is a direct descendant of the original British Whittle jet engine developed in the 1940s. The J33 was originally designed by General Electric for use in the Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star. In late 1945 the Allison Division of General Motors took over the development and production
of the J33.

The J33 weighed over 1,700 pounds and generated a maximum of over 5,000 pounds of thrust with water and alcohol injection. It turned up to 11,700 RPM and had a maximum operating altitude of 47,000 feet. The engine featured a single-stage compressor and single axial turbine. It cost $20,000.

This J33 cutaway was created by the Training Aids department of the Chanute Technical Training Center for use in various jet engine courses.